About Priyanka Saju

Priyanka Saju is a Toronto-based writer, speaker, and follower of creative impulses. She embraces writing as a medium to give voice to her unresolved feelings as she navigates the middle places of cross-cultural upbringing, the pursuit of success, and the nature of womxnhood, self-acceptance, and resilience. Priyanka does this while approaching these topics with the type of humour and humility that can only be gained by tripping face-first into growth.

A reformed “Type-A”, Priyanka is committed to letting go of the endless chase for (outward) respect and success. A long-term sufferer of anxiety, mislabeled for years as productivity, it was a period of intense panic attacks that was the tipping point that gave Priyanka the courage to try another way: a way of embodied expression and deep self-acceptance.

It was through this lens that Priyanka reconnected with her writing. Finding her voice gave her the space to explore the complexity of her lived experience and challenge the assumptions she had about what it means to be worthy in the world. Writing offered her an outlet for her creativity, her frustration, and her deep curiosity. Opening herself up to expression was the catalyst to her transformation and she hopes to support others in accessing such self-expression in order to discover clarity in their own lives.

In addition to sharing her work online, Priyanka is a creative workshop facilitator, speaker, and performer. She has been published in a number of publications, and most recently featured in the Huffington Post.

She lives in Toronto, Canada with her partner and their moody-but-handsome dog, Cashew. Priyanka is a woman of many hyphens but considers truth teller closest to her centre.

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