Portfolio Workshop facilitation

Priyanka has extensive experience facilitating workshops of all kinds, combining her skills working for over 15 years in branding, consulting, and change management to bring a professional and thoughtful approach to her workshop experiences. She brings these skills to her creative workshops where she creates a safe, open environment for people of all skill levels to explore mindfulness, creativity, and expression through writing.

A few examples of her recent workshops include:

Nurture Retreats
Verse Workshop

Overview: In this workshop we work with words, rhyme, rhythm, and the potency of the spaces between. Playing with different forms of inspiration, we find the words within us and the muse all around.


Staples Spotlight Series

Creative Wordplay
Overview: Whether you’re an artist looking for a muse, an entrepreneur looking for your next big idea, or just a person standing in front of another person asking them to write with you… this workshop is for you. Through a series of short writing exercises, Priyanka Saju, Writer and Poet, will get your right brain going to help you make connections between ideas, spark your creativity, and practice imagining what’s possible.


Alta Vie Brand Pop-Up
Use Your Words: Journaling for Clarity & Inspiration
Overview: Have you been thinking about journaling but not sure how to get into it? Journaling is an amazing tool for improving self-awareness, providing clarity, and inspiring art. This workshop will help you with tools, suggestions, and writing prompts to get you into your journaling flow.