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Priyanka’s written expression takes many forms including poetry, personal essays, and fiction. Her writing is a reflection of her experience as a first generation, cis, South Asian-Canadian womxn navigating her way through her multi-hyphenated life. While the topics of her writing vary, they often explore the tension and unresolved feelings tied to living in duality.

Be it shame and self-acceptance, anxiety and grounding, ancestral connection and cultural ambivalence, these topics examine what comes from accepting a full range of truths and experiences. Priyanka explores these topics to build a bridge to clarity for herself, with the hope that doing so will also help support a collective self-understanding for her readers. She seeks inspiration from many sources but believes/maintains/has no doubt that real life offers the richest and most absurd content.

Priyanka is currently working on a collection of poems and essays about her journey through (in)fertility with the hope to collectively acknowledge the emotional and physical labour many silently endure, before they experience the more celebrated/public labour of motherhood. Her hope is that this book is shared amongst many womxn – those that desire motherhood, those that don’t, and those that have never been given the choice.

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